Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Week Nine: Update and Easter Re-Cap!

I am nine weeks and five days today! Hooray for progress! No hooray for continuously getting sicker and sicker with hyperemesis gravidarum! Unfortunately I've had to cancel my upcoming recital that was to be performed on April 14th, but I know it's for the best. My voice is not in the best shape, and the added stress is just too much. Hopefully I'll get the chance to perform it sometime next year.

Getting chunkier!
I do have to count my blessings, though. I've been able keep down small meals on occasion, and I've been able to stay on top of all my school work by going to class when I can, and getting homework done on time. Luckily most things can be turned in online. I'm trying not to get stressed out as the end of the semester gets closer and I have lots of meetings with advisors to figure out what I need to do in order to be able to graduate on time next year, but it's hard not to worry. I don't want to spend another year in school when I'm trying to take care of baby. Moral of the story: Don't transfer colleges. Ever. It's a nightmare.

On another note, I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! Justin and I spent the morning in church, as we both sang in the choir. I also performed "I Know that My Redeemer Liveth" from Handel's Messiah. Great piece, but written for a soprano, so my mezzo-soprano self had an interesting time learning it! I made it through the service without getting sick, which I swear was due to the Hardee's (Carl's Jr.) sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit I randomly had a craving for and wolfed down that morning.

After the service, we loaded up the car with Sadie Lou and her favorite squeaky toy, and headed to Justin's parent's house for an Easter celebration. It was a lot of fun. There was GREAT food (his mom made pasta with this delicious alfredo sauce that hubby and I are obsessed with) and I got to learn how to play the game Pit (explained here). There was also much playing of Apples to Apples, and watching of hilarious home movies starring a pre-pubescent Justin. I did start feeling sick towards the end of the night, however, so we ended up staying over to avoid me getting sick in the car on the way home.

A few of the Easter Extravaganza attendees.
I am both looking forward to, and dreading the beginning of week ten on Friday. My HG will probably get worse, but it also means I'm getting closer to the end of the first trimester, which hopefully means that soon I will start feeling better.

My next OB appointment is the 16th of April. At that point, I will be eleven and a half weeks. I'm looking forward to the ultrasound and seeing baby again. This time he/she will look even more baby-like! I will also have the usual urine test at this appointment, in addition to starting prenatal screening with blood work. Justin and I have opted out of any invasive prenatal testing, however. Because of our young age and health (well, at least on Justin's part) we are at very low risk for any physical or mental "abnormalities", and have faith that God has designed this child according to His will. He or she will be perfect in His sight, and ours. :)

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