Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Eight Weeks, Five Days: Feeling Better and Growing Baby!

I have been feeling much better today than I have over the last few days. I was up to going to one of my classes earlier today, but then slept the rest of the day. The drug phenegran (also known as promethazine) is one of the better working medications I am on right now (along with zofran, reglan, vistaril, and a B6 vitamin supplement), but it knocks me out like you wouldn't believe. I started with just a prescription for zofran, but it stopped working after about a week. Then I was prescribed reglan (which also made me very restless and made it hard to sleep at night), which also stopped working after about a week. Now that I am on a combination of the zofran, reglan, phenegran, vistaril, and B6, I'm doing far better than I was with any of the drugs on their own. I am still very nauseated but I haven't thrown up since coming back from the hospital on Monday.

Today I was able to eat fairly well, although my food choices were not all that exciting: granola bars, and cheese sandwiches. I also just had a plate of pickles after randomly getting a craving for them. I'll definitely take the strange cravings over throwing up at the slightest foul smell!

They say morning sickness (or HG in my case) peaks around the 8-9 week mark. Well, I'm eight weeks and five days, so even though I'm in the worst of it, I can take comfort that it will be gone soon. I can also be glad that baby is growing and growing and growing like crazy! Here's a picture of the seven week ultrasound, and the eight week ultrasound. It's amazing how fast the little one grew!

Seven Weeks
Eight Weeks
I will be nine weeks on Friday, and will have another update for you then! Keep us in your prayers, especially for baby's health.

Love Always,

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