Thursday, April 25, 2013

Week Twelve: The Home Stretch

It's dead week. Which means all the professors think it's a brilliant idea to have conversations with their students that go like this:

Professor: HEY! You have final exams coming up, and you're gonna be crazy stressed, right?
Students: Right.
Professor: Wouldn't just be awesome if during the week before finals I assigned a huge project or presentation, and then as a reward for working so hard, I gave you a test on Friday, in addition to the one you'll take the following week?
Students: No...
Professor: Awesome! Then it's settled.

You've got to be freaking kidding me.

So far this week I've taken two tests, done two presentations, one voice jury (final exams for people who study music privately in college...another brilliant idea to instill fear and freak outs in students everywhere), and still have another test to go. Then three finals next week, with, SURPRISE! A paper and a 10 page research proposal due.

I'm dealing with it alright, I suppose. Though, I may or may not still be in the typical "denial" stage of procrastination. We shall see.

Baby is doing well. I still feel little flutters and jabs occasionally, could be baby, could be gas, but I'm pretty sure it's the Jellie Bean. You usually don't have gas by your pubic bone. :)

My tummy gets a little more prominent every day, and I will soon be taking advantage of the loop-the-ponytail-holder-through-the-button-hole trick so I can wear my pants a little longer. I've also already started outgrowing clothing for other body parts located, ahem, a bit further North.

Another thing that's starting to grow like crazy are my fingernails! And not all gross and brittle like your typical anemic chick (*cough* me), but long and strong, and manicure worthy. I might even get them done. <--- Huge deal. I didn't so much as paint my nails for my wedding. They were all bitten off. :) Yay guitar players.

I will probably wait on that manicure until after I get home to Iowa for the summer, though. Dear old dad and my nephew Zachy are flying out the weekend after finals week ends, and we'll be driving a vintage Winnebago through some great national parks and other sites on our way back to the Midwest. I'll make a post about that as it gets closer, and will definitely do a picture-filled re-cap once we get back to Iowa.

That's all for now - got a tummy ache to deal with.


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  1. FINGERNAILS! (All I have in my head right now is Su Chin from Juno screaming fingernails outside the abortion clinic......)