Sunday, April 7, 2013

Home Health Care: Waiting for the Next Cycle

I have to start going to class again. Two weeks ago, I was doing well, last week, not so much, but I've made the decision that whether I'm throwing up or not, I'm going. Most of my professors are amazing, understanding people, so they'll either have to get used to me yacking in a plastic sack during class, or let me complete all of my work from home. In all honesty, I'd rather just throw up in class. Being at home makes it so much easier to slack off and not do your work. I've already lost a year in transferring, plus a semester because of being so sick both my sophomore and junior years of college (post-Nicaragua surgery complications see my previous post), so not only am I stuck in school an extra year, but I'll need to take classes this summer to make sure I don't add on an additional semester (thank God the community college near my hometown in Iowa is dirt cheap and has the courses I need!). If CUI cooperates...we shall see. I have faith that this will all work out in the end. I'm just glad that I've become quite skilled at getting good grades despite being a trainwreck healthwise.

In other news, I haven't thrown up for two days, and I am so grateful, but around noon today, I began to get nauseated again. The nausea has progressed and gotten worse by the hour. It's like a cycle. I get treated with IV fluids and medication, am okay for a day or two with a new medicinal combo and the hydration, and then it starts all over again. I'm expecting the vomiting to resume in about two hours. Pessimistic as that sounds, it's more than likely the case, so I'm trying to hydrate myself with Powerade as much as I can right now, though drinking is starting to make me feel sicker.

I've been on a full liquid diet (praising Jesus that it's not a clear liquid diet) since coming out of the hospital Friday morning. I was doing really well with various kinds of soups and applesauce before this afternoon. It's been nice to be able to keep food down and stay hydrated, even though it's not going to last much longer.

The best news is that my veins are starting to pop back up. I've been so dehydrated that they were just impossible to get an IV into. Hopefully they stay that way once I start throwing up again so home health care (HHC) can get an IV in. They won't have the luxury of calling an anesthesiologist in.

All of my HHC stuff arrived on Friday night. Three huge boxes with IV fluids, medications, Ketostix, a sharps container...basically a little hospital in a box.

Lots of things to poke me with.
The nurse came on Saturday afternoon. I still had some ketones in my urine, but there were only trace amounts, plus I hadn't thrown up, so I didn't need to get an IV (HOORAY!). They are currently waiting for my call for when that changes. My vitals were iffy on the blood pressure and pulse, but that's to be expected with HG.

I am so grateful to be on HHC, and to be treated in a place more comfortable to me. Plus, not having to be confined to a hospital bed while receiving IV fluids will definitely make it easier to go to class - with a fancy IV backpack! Woo! Hoping I can make it through tonight and at least my morning classes without needing an IV. I have a big break in the afternoon that I usually spend at home, so if I need something, that would be the time to get it without it interfering too much with my schedule (as if HG gives a you-know-what about my schedule).

That's about all I have to say for now. I'll do a ten week update when I have the patience to have Justin photograph me. Speaking of Justin, say some prayers for the sweet guy. He's had to deal with blood, vomit, and all sorts of gross stuff for too long, and is being such a trouper. Don't know what I'd do without him!

Until next time,

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