Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Weeks Ten and Eleven: Chipotle and Ninja Baby!

I am feeling so much better. I am still plagued by exhaustion, nausea, vomiting, and migraines from decreased food intake, but I am BETTER! And I am getting stronger every day! The first trimester is almost over, and I have faith that I will soon be back to my healthy, normal (whatever that means) self.

I have gained back five of the ten pounds I lost from hyperemesis gravidarum, but I am still under my pre-pregnancy weight. Finding food that is both appetizing and digestible is the hardest thing right now. For whatever reason, the only thing that tastes good, stays down, and doesn't give me enough heartburn to challenge the lava flow of a volcano is Chipotle and other various Mexican fast food chains. I've eaten Chipotle at least three times in the past week. Along with some delicious Del Taco. It makes no sense, but I like it, and the baby apparently likes it, so I am not about to complain! Hopefully this new "diet" will help me gain the weight I need.

In other good news, Baby Popeney made quite an appearance on the ultrasound yesterday! I had been neurotic all morning, with typical first time mom fears of "OMGIDIDN'TPUTMYSEATBELTCOMPLETELYUNDERMYBARLEYEXISISTANTBABYBUMPINTHECARYESTERDAYSOIPROBABLYSQUASHEDMYCHILDANDITSALLMYFAULT!!!!" and other such nonsense.

We got to the doctor's office early for once, and Justin even had time to check out a book in the waiting room:

Yeah, I laughed, too.
When my name was called, with the usual surprised look on the nurse's face when someone as young as me responds to the name "Eleanor", I got my vitals checked, peed in the cup, and waited for my doctor. Who took forever by the way, causing my nervous first time mom thoughts to go into overdrive.


Everything was fine, and he came in, asked a few questions, and started the ultrasound.

At first the baby was hard to see (it was my first external ultrasound), and I was freaking out because I couldn't see the little flicker of his or her heartbeat. My fears were relieved, however, when the jelly bean did a full-fledged pike jump that would make any cheerleader proud (including his or her former cheerleader mommy). Baby Popeney then continued to amuse us, and my doctor, by waving it's little arms and legs, "jumping", and even turning it's little face right to us so we could see it's eyes, moving mouth, and very clearly (yes, even this early) Hemmingson forehead. My little ninja baby done good.

The healthy ultrasound now means that my miscarriage risk is less than 2%, and that thankfully, baby is not being affected by my morning sickness from hell.

Now to move on to dead week and finals weeks. Pray that Justin and I both can finish strong and overcome our severe lack of motivation.


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