Saturday, July 13, 2013

Weeks Twenty Three and Twenty Four: Happy Anniversary!

And what a past two weeks it has been! I have been dealing with yet another HG relapse for the past few days, but am finally starting to feel better, thanks to my new favorite secret weapons that I'll share with you, because I know I have some readers who are fellow HGers.

Grape Powerade popsicles, and peanut butter Power Bars
. Powerade, unlike Gatorade (as far as I know), has a healthy dose of vitamin B6, which as most of us with HG know, can help with nausea...when our bodies cooperate. My sweet hubby has been pouring the Powerade into an ice cube tray, and bringing me a "Powersicle" whenever I'm thirsty and feel like I might be able to stomach more than the teensiest drop of water. Usually, it's successful, and it's way more tasty and satisfying than swallowing B6 supplement pills!

The peanut butter Power Bars are great for middle of the night and early morning snacking to keep nausea at bay on good days. They are much more filling (for much longer periods) than saltines, and you don't get crumbs in your bed. A word of caution, however: Every once in awhile, they give me the heartburn from hell, but it usually goes away quickly with a swig of water (weird), or a few Gaviscon tablets if it's really persistent.

This relapse has been pretty bad. My has weight fluctuated by 6 pounds over the past few days (it finally stabilized and is back above my pre-pregnancy weight again), and I've seen more bile than I'd dare to think most people's livers produce in a lifetime. Needless to say, I am extremely grateful that it started letting up late last night. I avoided the hospital, too. Score!

In other news, my family and I had a nice trip up to Lake Benton, Minnesota the weekend following Independence Day. The men worked on staining the dock, hauling branches, and various other projects. My mom, sister, grandpa's wife Karen, and I went into some of the neighboring towns to shop at the many secondhand stores. I scored a vintage dress, a scarf, a new make-up case, and a tutu for Kate all for under $25. I also got a new set of pajamas and two pairs of shorts for Justin for free, just because of minor damage like broken belt loops, and a couple of stains that came out in one load of laundry.

Yes, it's technically Kate's, but I couldn't help myself!
Before heading back to Iowa, we made our way to my aunt and uncle's farm for a birthday celebration for my aunt. It got a little rainy and the mosquitos were hungry, but it was blast! There was great food, fireworks, and a beautiful rainbow:

Sadie and Leroy also had a great time exploring the farm and running out in the open. Sadie needs the adventure, and Mr. Leroy definitely needs the exercise!

Back to the present, tomorrow (or today rather, since it's after midnight in Iowa) marks the one year anniversary of our wedding! Justin and I are heading up to Wisconsin to visit the Dells tomorrow for a few days to celebrate. We plan on hiking, taking a few boat tours, and possibly going to a waterpark if we have some extra time. No crazy water slides for me (boo), but I can relax in the lazy river while Justin slides to his heart's content - and possibly get some amusing pictures of him, too!

And yes, we're going to be super gross and take along our year old cake topper from our wedding reception...and EAT IT. EAT IT ALL. We each only got the little bit we had during our cake cutting at our reception since we were so busy mingling with guests, so we are determined to finally have some flipping wedding cake! Om nom nom nom nom. Only God can judge us!

Sadie will be coming along as well, since our hotel takes doggies for only ten extra dollars, and there are several activities we are planning on doing that allow dogs, too. She's a little nervous right now since the suitcases are sitting out (still not packed...oops), but as soon as she sees us pull out her leash tomorrow morning, I'm sure we'll have one excited little labradoodle!

Now, off to (finally) start packing...we've got a busy day tomorrow!

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