Friday, October 12, 2012

First Blog Posts...

...I really despise them.

In that 

Wait...what in the world am I gonna say?"

kind of way.

The first post on a blog is an incredibly accurate metaphor for my life: An attempt to be witty, and fun, and cool. A shot at making outsiders think you're uber epic and amazingly fantabulous, but just coming across as ridiculously awkward.

The bright side? If you're willing to stick around long enough, my awkwardness can become endearing, and sometimes, all wrapped up in those gooey layers of randomness and disorganized ideas, I might have something that actually is uber epic and amazingly fantabulous to say.

My amazing husband, Justin, was one of the brave ones who walked faithfully by my side through miles and miles of the Awkward Forest known as my thought process, and eventually (quite possibly due to his own internal awkwardness), found me endearing enough to buy me a princess-cut diamond and ask me to be his wife.

One of our engagement pictures. Need I say more?

So this blog is about him. And me. And our miniature labradoodle named Sadie. And everything that comes with us: the crazy, the hilarious, the wonderful, the not-so-wonderful, and the doggie baths that turn the bathroom into a high risk combat zone. This blog is about our tests and trials, the happiest days of our lives, and the God that brings us through it all.

And this blog is also about you: you learning from our mistakes, you snatching up some good ideas, and you laughing at the stupid things we do. This blog is about us spreading the gift of love for each other that God has given us, to you. And if you have one, your own miniature labradoodle, too.


Justin, Ellie, and Sadie

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