Saturday, June 15, 2013

Week Twenty: The Halfway Point!

Handel's Hallelujah Chorus resounded in my head when I woke up yesterday morning. Twenty weeks, the halfway's finally here!

Another reason to jump for joy: Most women who suffer from hyperemesis gravidarum finally get relief from the morning sickness from Hell at around twenty-one weeks or so, so I am almost there! The fact that I was sick again this morning makes me all the more excited. Throwing up bile is disgusting.

I'm still anxiously awaiting my appointment with the perinatologist on Monday. I have faith that everything will go smoothly, but that doesn't make trying not to dwell on it any easier. Although, yesterday helped me relax quite a bit.

Justin and I headed to Sioux City for the afternoon and evening (right after grabbing some free ice cream at one of the many Ice Cream Days festivities going on in Le Mars for the weekend). We started at Target, where we had a blast putting together a registry for little Jellie Bean. We finally decided on a theme for everything too: Owls, and the colors pink and green. Once I saw the little crib sheet with owls on it, I couldn't contain myself. All my visions of purple and yellow dinosaurs flew out the window!

We also picked up a photo album to fill with pictures that won't be able to go into Jellie Bean's baby book. After we got home last night, I started compiling all of our ultrasound pictures and placing them on the pink pages. It's nothing excitingly fancy, but it's nice to have a place for all those grainy black and white images of her.

Adorable, right? $17.00 at Target. It was a little pricey for my taste, but it was too cute to pass up! I'd show a bit of the inside, but sweet Jellie Bean's name is already written all over the place, so ya'll will just have to wait until we make that public. :)

After scanning a million items with the orangey-red gun in Target, we drove over to Olive Garden for dinner where we spent far too much time giggling over things that weren't really that funny. Then we made our way to the Promenade Theatre for a movie. It was a wonderful night with my hubby, my best friend.

We also did a cover of a song by the Christian duo, Lost and Found last night, so click on over to the "music" tab up at the top of the page and have a listen to our rendition of "Baby".

Today has been a slow day. Since I was sick this morning again, we took a while to get rolling. We finally walked over to Foster Park, our wedding ceremony venue, for Art in the Park, where crafty vendors sell lots of handmade goodies each year during Ice Cream Days. It rained this morning, though, so apparently less than half of the booths that were supposed to be there, weren't. Sadie had fun tagging along, though, and gave many kisses to the cutest little strawberry blonde girl in a navy blue jumper. We grabbed some free ice cream, and then headed back home.

We plan on going to see the Ice Cream Days fireworks tonight with a few of my dear friends from high school, and then I'll have a marathon of homework to complete for my online classes before the midnight deadline, which is my own fault, because I'm the world's greatest procrastinator. I should be doing that homework right now. But this blog is more fun, so I can put it off until a little later. :p

Until next time...


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