Thursday, February 14, 2013

Beyond Hallmark: Why You Shouldn't Hate Valentine's Day

I'll admit I'm guilty of it too! I used to sulk more than a six-year-old at bedtime on Valentine's Day. When I was single: Flowers, cards, and candy for everyone but me!

"It's just a Hallmark holiday!" <--- Who hasn't said that at least once?

But Valentine's Day, or Saint Valentine's Day, when referring to it in full, is so much more than that, regardless of the fact that Hallmark milks it for all it's worth!

Saint Valentine was an actual person (or persons, historical documentation is wide, varied, and of different disputed accuracies), a martyr, who died on February 14th in Rome. You can read more about the different stories, martyrologies, and other information surrounding the saint here: , or if you prefer, on Wikipedia: . Many church bodies still commemorate Saint Valentine, including my own denomination, the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

As Christians, and yes, even Christians without a significant other on February 14th, we can always celebrate  Valentine's Day, regardless of marital status. The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod's website says this:

"Lutherans have always understood that there is great benefit in remembering the saints whom God has given to the Church. The Apology of the Augsburg Confession (Article 21) lists three reasons for such honor. First, we thank God for giving faithful servants to His Church. Second, through such remembrance our faith is strengthened as we see the mercy that God extended to His saints of old. Third, these saints are examples both of faith and of holy living to imitate according to our calling in life." ( )

It's not easy to put on a happy face when you're feeling lonely on a day that our culture uses to celebrate romantic love, but always remember the extraordinary love your Father in Heaven has for you. We see this every day through the love of our family and friends, and the blessings and love He so freely gives us.


P.S. What's up with Jellie and their Valentine's Day?

If you're okay with mushiness, here's a little recap of our day:

I had no class today, so I got to sleep in until 10:30 this morning. Then I went to go see a urogynecologist to work through some of my never ending medical problems, most of them dealing with my pelvic region and lady parts. I will be starting pelvic physical therapy later this month.

While at the doctor's office, I discovered a box of Reese's Pieces, and a heart-shaped box of Mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (some of my favorite candy!) in my purse. I was very surprised. I told Justin he was off the hook this year since we're relatively poor newlyweds and my birthday is on the 18th.

Then when we got home, he surprised me with a beautiful amethyst necklace, my birthstone. The emotional loser that I am, I almost cried. But he definitely did a fantastic job!

You done good, hubby. You done good. <3
Tonight, Justin has to work, so I will be basking in the loving fluffiness of Miss Sadie while waiting for his return, hopefully with a Subway sandwich in hand.

In the meantime, I have to study for a test tomorrow. Fun times.

Happy Valentine's Day!

And once again...


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